Endinava entered the world of the endive in 1977. At that time the company was founded by two brothers: Julio and Faustino Calvo. The company was called Calvo Bros.

Nobody believed that this product which is grown in the humid climates of Northern Europe, could be grown in the hot, dry climate of the Ribera de Navarra.

After several difficult years, we finally got our own production technology. The endives of Endinava  are grown indoors in cultivation rooms using a hydroponic cultivation process.
The most important thing was missing: consumer acceptance of a new product in Spain. Gradually Spanish consumers also got used to this fresh product, its characteristic flavour and the multiple preparation possibilities it offered. Endinava produces endives 365 days a year. Currently we are focussing on producing endives with a long shelf life.

In 2012 we started a new project: lettuce grown in water pools. This product is marketed with the root, which keeps it fresh longer. In just over a year, Endinava has brought to the market several types of lettuce such as Batavia lettuce, Lollo, Oak Leaf and the famous Salanova ®, all of which have been well accepted by consumers.

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